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Crispy Fried Enoki Mushroom Tempura

Crispy Fried Enoki Mushroom Tempura

With traditional homemade batter

  • Vegan

Keep all batter ingredients cold in the fridge for overnight, even the flour, to slow down gluten activation




Tempura easily become the favorite Japanese dish apart of their famous ramen, thanks to the crunchy texture. There are few type of tempura, from seafood to vegetables. Enoki mushrooms or enokitake contains antioxidants, therefore including fried enoki tempura on your meals will increase your diet nutrition value.

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Step 1
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First of all, prepare the tempura ingredient, enoki mushrooms. Divide the enoki mushrooms into 4 bunches.

Step 2
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Add in the vegetable oil or canola oil into deep frying pan or pot to minimum depth of 3 cm. Mix vegetable oil or canola oil with small amount of sesame oil to add flavor if desired.
Heat the oil to 170 C or 335 F.

Step 3
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While heating the oil, mix the batter ingredients.
In a bowl, add the cold water and egg and mix it well until there is no cluster of egg white. Then add in the flour.

Step 4
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Use chopsticks to gently combine the batter mixture by drawing the number 8 few times, try not to mixing them too much. And there will be some powdery lumps of flour. Do not use whisk, because it will activate the gluten and create a chewy coating.

Step 5
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Test the oil temperature by using a thermometer or dropping a little bit of the batter into the oil. The right temperature will make the batter goes halfway to the bottom and comes up, but if the batter comes up right away, it's too hot.

Step 6
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Lightly coat the enoki with flour and then dip it into the batter mixture. Gently drop into the oil and let it cook for 30 seconds, flip it and cook for few more seconds. Transfer them to a wire rack or paper towel.

Step 7
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Serve them in the plate with your favorite dipping sauce, and sprinkle them with chopped oregano or basil if desired.

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Adjust Servings:
300 grams Enoki mushroom
1 Egg
230 grams Flour Or about 8.1 oz
200 ml Cold water
Vegetable oil Or canola oil (for deep frying)
Sesame oil Optional

Nutritional information

22.6 g
Total Carbohydrate
6.7 g
Total Fat
17.2 g

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