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Crispy Vietnamese Rice Pancake

Crispy Vietnamese Rice Pancake

(Banh Xeo)

  • Spicy

Replace the pork with chicken to suit your own preferences


  • The Pancake Batter

  • The Filling

  • The Dipping Sauce

  • Additional



Some called it pancake, yet some people also called it crepes and omelette. One thing for sure, this Vietnamese street food is completely must try! A perfect combination of crispy pancake with spicy-sweet-sour dipping sauce.

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Step 1
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The Pancake Batter

In a large bowl, mix all the pancake batter ingredients and stir until smooth. Set aside to rest for one hour.

Step 2
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The Dipping Sauce

In a medium bowl, combine all the dipping sauce ingredients and stir well. Set aside.

Step 3
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The Pancake Filling

Wash clean the bean sprouts, coriander leaves, mint leaves and lettuce leaves. Set aside.

Step 4
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Prepare the prawns and pork. Peel, devein and remove prawns head and tail. Dice the pork into small chunks.
Heat one teaspoon vegetable oil on frying pan over medium high heat. Add in prawns and pork and cook for 3 minutes or until well cooked.
Add in chopped spring onions and saute for another minutes. Remove the filling mixture from heat and transfer to plate, set aside.

Step 5
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The Pancakes

Heat 1/2 teaspoon oil on the frying pan over high heat.

Step 6
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Stir the pancake batter and pour some batter into the pan. Tilt and rotate the pan to make the batter evenly spread and coats the pan.

Step 7
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Add some of the filling mixture and cover the pan, let it cook for 3 minutes or until the batter turns to golden brown.

Step 8
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Remove the lid and lower the heat to medium. Drain some bean sprouts and add into the pan, continue cook until the pancake become crisp. Fold the pancake in half and transfer to plate.
Pour in a little vegetable oil if necessary, and repeat to cook the pancakes with remaining batter.

Step 9
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Serve while the pancakes are warm with dipping sauce, and some fresh vegetables.

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Adjust Servings:
The Pancake Batter
1 cup Rice flour
1 cup Coconut milk
3/4 cup Water
1 teaspoon Ground tumeric
1/2 teaspoon Salt
The Filling
450 grams Prawns
7 Spring onions Finely chopped
450 grams Pork
250 grams Bean sprouts
1 cup Coriander leaves
1 cup Mint leaves
10 Lettuce leaves
The Dipping Sauce
3 tablespoons Lime juice
3 tablespoons Fish sauce
3/4 tablespoon Sugar
1 Garlic Minced
1 Red chili Chopped
Vegetable oil For fyring

Nutritional information

41.5 g
Total Carbohydrate
11.6 g
Total Fat
10.5 g

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