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Breaded Shrimp (Ebi Fry)

Breaded Shrimp (Ebi Fry)

Japanese style


Usually Ebi Fry served with tartar sauce or Tonktasu sauce or dip them into chili sauce will do just fine


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Ebi Fry is one of the most popular Japanese-style western dish in Japan. In fact in almost every Japanese restaurant also offer you this crispy delicacy. With this recipe, you can serve it at home for main dish at dinner time of for your kids lunch box!

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Step 1
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First of all, clean the black tiger prawns by pulling off the head if it is still attached.
Pull off the outer shell and keep the last segment of shell and the tail tip.

Step 2
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If the shrimps have not been deveined, pierce the back of the prawns with a skewer and remove the sand veins.

Step 3
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Make a few incisions on the stomach side of the shrimp. Hold the shrimp with both hands and bend it backward to make it straight.
This will prevent the shrimp from curling when it is cooked.

Step 4
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Put the prawns in a bowl and add a pinch of salt, potato starch and a little water to it. Rub the prawns gently with the salt and potato starch.
Rinse them with running water, then pat the shrimps dry using paper towels.

Step 5
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Remove dirty water and moist in the tail by cutting the tips off the tails and squeezing the water out from the cut tip.

Step 6
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Prepare three shallow dishes. Place all purpose flour in the first, beaten eggs in the second and the last one with panko breadcrumbs.

Step 7
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First, lightly dip the shrimp into flour. Then, dip the lour coated shrimp in the beaten eggs. If desired, dilute the eggs mixture with 1 tablespoon of milk or water.
The next step usually you will coat with panko breadcrumbs, but for Ebi Fry, you need to double coat with flour and egg. So after the egg, coat lightly with flour one more time, then egg.
Finally, place the shrimp in the panko breadcrumbs dish and make sure it is coated completely and shake off the excess.

Step 8
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Drop the breadcrumbs in the heated oil to check oil temperature, it is about 180 C (350 F). Then gently put 2-3 prawns and deep fry them for about 3 minutes or until golden brown.

Step 9
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Transfer them onto a wire rack or paper towel and let them drain out the excess oil.
Serve Ebi Fry on the plate along with shredded cabbage leaves, red tomato and lemon wedges.

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Adjust Servings:
12 Prawns Preferably fresh black tiger prawn
2 tablespoons Potato starch
2 Eggs
4 tablespoons All purpose flour
160 grams Panko Japanese breadcrumbs
Canola oil For deep frying
100 grams Cabbage leaves
1 Red tomato
1 Lemon

Nutritional information

12.4 g
Total Fat
14 g
Total Carbohydrate
136 mg
14.8 g

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