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Oyakodon Recipe

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100 grams of chicken thigh or breast fillet, cut into bite-sized pieces Lean beef
2 whole shrimp
2 bowls of warm white rice Squid
1 spring onion, finely sliced English muffin
1 tablespoon of shredded seaweed Wrapping
½ onion, thinly sliced English muffin

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Oyakodon Recipe

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  1. Oyakodon is a classic Japanese one-bowl dish that features chicken and egg cooked in a sweet and savory sauce, served over a bowl of steamed rice. The name “Oyakodon” translates to “parent and child bowl,” symbolizing the combination of chicken (parent) and egg (child) in the dish. Here’s a description of Oyakodon:

    Appearance: Oyakodon is typically served in a donburi (rice bowl) and consists of a bed of steamed rice topped with a flavorful mixture of chicken and egg. The chicken pieces are often thinly sliced or diced, and the beaten eggs are poured over them. The dish is garnished with thinly sliced green onions and sometimes a sprinkle of nori (seaweed) flakes.

    Texture: The key texture of Oyakodon is the tender and succulent chicken combined with the creamy, soft-cooked eggs. The sauce is slightly viscous and clings to the ingredients, creating a comforting and satisfying mouthfeel.

    Flavor: Oyakodon has a well-balanced flavor profile that combines sweetness from mirin (sweet rice wine) and soy sauce, umami from dashi (Japanese stock), and the rich creaminess of the eggs. The dish is not overly salty or sweet, and the flavors are harmoniously integrated.

    Ingredients: The main ingredients in Oyakodon are as follows:

    • Chicken: Typically boneless chicken thighs are used, but chicken breast can also be used.
    • Eggs: Beaten eggs are used to create the custardy texture.
    • Dashi: A Japanese stock made from fish and kombu (kelp), which forms the base of the sauce.
    • Soy Sauce: Adds depth and savory flavor.
    • Mirin: A sweet rice wine that provides sweetness.
    • Sugar: For a touch of additional sweetness.
    • Sliced green onions: Used for garnish.
    • Steamed rice: Serves as the base of the dish.

    Preparation: To make Oyakodon, the chicken is simmered in a mixture of dashi, soy sauce, mirin, and sugar until cooked through. Beaten eggs are then poured over the chicken, and the dish is covered and cooked briefly until the eggs are softly set but still slightly runny.

    Serving: Oyakodon is served hot over a bowl of freshly steamed rice. It is often garnished with thinly sliced green onions for a pop of color and flavor. The result is a comforting and wholesome one-bowl meal that is both visually appealing and delicious.

    Oyakodon is a beloved comfort food in Japan, known for its simplicity, balanced flavors, and satisfying combination of chicken and eggs. It’s a quick and easy dish to prepare and is enjoyed by people of all ages.




150 ml dashi stock (can be substituted with chicken/fish/seaweed)
1 ½ tablespoons mirin (optional)
1 ½ tablespoons cooking wine (optional)
1 ½ tablespoons sugar
1 ½ tablespoons soy sauce


How to Make Oyakodon:

Mix dashi stock, granulated sugar, mirin, cooking wine, and soy sauce in a bowl, then set aside.


Crack the eggs and beat them, then set them aside.


Make a serving of oyakodon first. Arrange the onions and chicken in the skillet, then pour in half of the seasonings. Then cook until the chicken is cooked.


When the chicken is cooked, pour half of the beaten egg over the chicken stew. Don’t stir.


Let the eggs cook until half cooked, then pour over a bowl of hot rice.


Do the same for the second serving of oyakodon.


Sprinkle the oyakodon with shredded seaweed and scallion slices, then serve immediately.


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